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Want to repair a hole or tear in the liner of your pond? Then look no further than the Gold Label Pond Liner Patch.

Available in 3 different sizes which can be cut to size or shape, this liner patch is made from a top quality butyl rubber which will last the lifetime of your existing pond liner! Strong and durable, this product is also easy to use and is made to work in conjunction with our Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer.

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Large, Medium, Small

Method of Use

Clean the area to be repaired, using a stiff brush to remove algae from the old liner.  Cut out the patch size and shape required making sure the patch is larger than the hole by at least 30mm (3cms) to allow for the sealant and enough overlap. Using Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer run a continuous bead around the edge of the liner patch, all the way around. Then do a secondary run of sealer 20mm in from that. Press the patch gently sealer side down on to the original liner, covering the hole/damaged section of liner. DO NOT PRESS FLAT. The sealer does not work in the same way as glue and will work best when not compressed. It will set and seal fully after 24 hours. Please click on the link to read the specifics about the sealer. You should then be able to fill your pond up as desired safe in the knowledge you will have no more leaks!

Key Points

  • 3 sizes available: S,M,L:

SMALL approx 140mm x190mm (5½ x 7½)

MEDIUM approx 280mm x190mm (11” x 7½)

LARGE approx 280mm x 380mm (11” x 15”)

  • Top Grade Butyl Rubber
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for use on rubber or PVC ponds
  • Requires suitable adhesive sealant
  • Recyclable Packaging