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This clever sealer will allow you to repair cracks/holes etc or bond items to your pond/aquarium/tank underwater and is safe for fish! Being non-toxic, solvent and isocyanate free there is no need to drain your pond or disturb your fish any more in order to make a repair!

With the strength of 4 times a normal silicone sealer it will bond almost anything to anything including drains, gutters, tanks, boats, rockery, coral, decking, and concrete (please note, if applying to concrete, a PVA or concrete primer will be needed prior to application to seal any loose surfaces), wood, PVC, glass etc. It will start to work instantly and will continue to cure over 24 hours.

Available in Black, Clear & White in 290ml cartridges and Black & Clear in our “One Shot” version. Please note; cure times vary between colours and the amount applied.

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Black, White, Clear

Method of Use

For best results ensure surface is clean and free of grease/algae etc. Pipe the sealer using a sealant gun directly on to the surface you wish to seal/bond, ensuring a thick enough bead in order for the product to work. Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer is NOT glue but a sealant, so DO NOT PRESS DOWN/COMPRESS FLAT. (Please refer to the instructional video on the website or our YouTube channel should you need a demonstration). For bonding where there is movement (expansion/contraction) between surfaces, allow a minimum 2mm thickness of beading. For best results when attaching different liners together, use 2 lines of beading 150mm apart. Full curing time is approximately 24 hours but will be touch dry after 2-3 hours. If using the clear version of the sealer, full cure time is approximately 36 hours as this version is less dense. Please note: should livestock be present, protect from ingestion whilst curing. (See FAQ should you have queries). Should you wish to paint over the sealant, this can be done up to 4 hours after application. Do not use below 10 °C air or surface temperature.  Shelf life up to 12 months in ambient conditions (10-25°C).

Key Points

  • Works Underwater (any type: salt, fresh, chlorinated etc)
  • Safe for Fish
  • Will bond/seal most surfaces!
  • Easy to use
  • Instant Repair!
  • Solvent & Isocyanate Free
  • Comes in Black, Clear & White

It will bond/seal:

  • Vinyl (abrade surface)
  • Glass
  • Composite Plastics
  • Stone
  • Concrete (use a suitable primer 1st)
  • Wood
  • Butyl Rubber etc