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This extremely snazzy tape works like magic, being self-sealing, non-sticky and stretchy! It is so easy to use and will cure your pipes of any leaks instantly! Suitable for sealing pipes on ponds, aquariums, tanks and even marine projects!

  1. Ensure that you turn off the water pressure in the pipe before commencing any repair.
  2. Clean the area to be repaired with Gold Label Solvent Cleaner, then dry with a towel, ensuring the area is completely dry first.
  3. Pull off a length of the pipe repair tape, stretching tightly around the pipe (the tape will adhere to itself). If there is water pressure around the pipe, make a few extra turns for a secure repair.
  4. Check the pipe is now watertight, if there are still any leaks occurring repeat step 3.
  5. REMEMBER to stretch the tape tightly around the pipe!
  • Easy to use
  • Repairs leaks in pipes instantly
  • Self-sealing tape
  • Non-sticky
  • Stretches for ease of use
  • Recyclable Packaging

  Do I have to press the tape down?

No, the tape is self-sealing. All you need to do is make sure that you stretch the tape tightly around the pipe or area you are taping.

  The tape isn’t sticking, what have I done wrong?

It may be you are trying to apply it to a wet surface in which case dry the surface thoroughly first. Or, it could be you are not stretching the tape enough. Also, make sure that there is no water pressure coming from the pipe first, ensure the pump is turned off first.

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If your question has not been answered please contact us.

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