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This extremely easy to use microfibre glass cleaning cloth will bring your tank or aquarium to a brilliant clear shine without the need for any chemicals or glass cleaning products. Thus making it safe for fish, delicate skin and cost effective! All is required is some water and the cloth and away you go!

Dampen cloth slightly or spray a light mist of water onto the glass surface and buff with the cloth. To keep the cloth in peak condition, wash when dirty avoiding the use of fabric softeners and allow to air dry.


  • Safe for fish
  • No chemicals or cleaners required (therefore safe for those with delicate skin & skin/breathing allergies)
  • Easy to care for
  • Better for the environment

  How do I clean the cloth?

Wash at 40°C/lower without fabric softeners and allow to air dry.


  Should the cloth be used wet/dry?

It can be used dry purely to buff the surface or remove light dust, however, to clean the glass properly, add a light mist of water first.


  How wet should I get the cloth in order for it to clean well?

The cloth does not need to be saturated; only a light mist of water sprayed onto the glass is required. Add more water if the dirt is not coming off easily.

  Can the cloth be put in the tumble dryer?

Yes, but on a low heat.

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